drawonthe.net API

Creating a new board

Param About Default eg.
url (none) http://drawonthe.net/newboard.php?url=http://www.bigfoto.com/sites/main/forest_wood.JPG
urlleft 30
urltop 30
urlwidth 1000
urlheight 1500 http://drawonthe.net/newboard.php?url=http://www.bigfoto.com/sites/galery/london/72-london.jpg&urlleft=135&urltop=0&urlwidth=830&urlheight=1830
backgroundcol Hex colour, with # escaped #FFFFFF http://drawonthe.net/newboard.php?backgroundcol=%23000000
fadestarts in seconds, to a maximum of 2 days 300 http://drawonthe.net/newboard.php?fadestarts=6
fadetakes in seconds, to a maximum of 1 hour 8
toolbar Valid values are 1, 2 or 3
This gives the board different pen colour and pen size selectors
1 http://drawonthe.net/newboard.php?toolbar=3

The "Draw on" link

Allow your visitors to start drawing on your website, or on images on your website, with the "Draw on" image link.
You can use this image to allow users to start drawing on your website

Embedding a shared board on your website

You can embed a shared board on your website for use as (for example) a public notice board by using an i-frame.

Here is the code for the above i-frame:

To get your own unique URL simply create a new board: http://drawonthe.net/newboard.php , and save the board URL that comes up to use as the src of your i-frame.